Ubuntu 16.04 LTS just got better

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS just got better

posted on July 21, 2016 by Amit Golander

Today Ubuntu 16.04 reached maturity – the Long Term Support (LTS) phase.

This is a big deal, because most Canonical users move from one LTS version to another, every two years, while skipping the minor intermediate versions.

I won’t bore you with how Ubuntu server 16.04 is better than the previous 14.04 LTS version. Just imagine how much progress was made in Docker and the Linux Kernel in two years. Entire components, such as the pmem driver and the Cockpit GUI didn’t even exist two years ago. 

To match that progress, we at Plexistor have also released a new SDM version today.

This SDM refresh (version 1.9) supports Ubuntu 16.04 on top of making many other enhancements.

You’re welcome to download and enjoy.

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS just got better


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