Enterprise Grade Persistent Memory Based Storage Solution
The world first persistent memory based storage solution
delivering ultra-low latency and millions of IOPS using a commodity server

Convergence of memory and storage

Plexistor brings enterprise grade storage features such as high availability and snapshots to big data applicatons like Cassandra, Couchbase, and Spark enabling massive server consolidation and fast recovery time




Use Plexistor with AWS

Running Plexistor on Amazon AWS provides large storage capacity at near-memory speed enabling in-memory applications to run large active data sets at near-memory speed while reducing Instance cost.

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Plexistor delivers enterprise grade storage at near-memory speed with a full set of data services such as snapshots, clones, high availability, and clustering. Enabling any application to run very large work sets without compromising performance. Sign up and enjoy the benefits of using Plexistor enterprise with your product.

What is Software Defined Memory?

Software-Define Memory (SDM) is a converged memory and storage architecture that is dynamic, manageable, cost-effective, and adaptable, allowing faster response times, making it ideal to power In-Memory applications. This architecture decouples the management and allocation of storage from the data access path enabling the application to access memory as if it was storage and storage as if it was memory. This level of abstraction enables SDM to deliver enterprise data services transparently without impacting performance and regardless the access semantic. Multiple storage tiers can be leveraged to balance both performance and cost.

Unified Storage Hierarchy

The SDM architecture can use variety of storage and memory devices like volatile DRAM as well as non-volatile RAM such as NVDIMM-N and the recently announced Intel/Micron 3D XPoint new memory device. SDM also incorporates traditional storage media such as  Flash and high capacity spinning disk drives into a single unified persistent high capacity converged hierarchy.


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