On-Premise deployment

You can download free Community Edition (CE) of Plexistor SDM software to run on any server in two configurations: persistent and ephemeral computing.

In a persistent configuration you will need to purchase NVDIMM from the following list to be used as SDM first storage tier.

An ephemeral computing configuration is very similar to an Amazon instance. SDM will use DRAM as the first storage tier and will NOT maintain persistency in case of a power failure. This configuration is relevant in cases where the application maintain it’s own persistent (logging) schedule.

Currently SDM is tested on Ubuntu,Centos,RHEL and OL distributions.

Public Cloud deployment

Install free Community Edition (CE) of Plexistor SDM software on Amazon EC2 in minutes. No configuration or set up is required. You can get an EC2 instance with SDM capacity ranging from 64GB to 2.6TB at near-memory speed.

Plexistor SDM can be deployed on any i2 machine.

RHEL/CentOS 7.1 and 7.2

Download Plexistor SDM install script

Ubuntu 16.04

Download Plexistor SDM install script

Download Plexistor SDM - User Guide

Install Plexistor SDM on Amazon EC2


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