Redis Labs Cuts Operational Costs with Plexistor

Redis Labs Cuts Operational Costs with Plexistor

posted on October 9, 2016 by Amit Golander


Guest post by:
    Yiftach Shoolman, CTO
    Redis Labs, home of Redis, the world’s most popular in-memory NoSQL database

Redis Labs delivers enterprise grade Redis, both as a cloud service (Redis Cloud) and as downloadable software (Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster, RLEC). Redis Lab’s customers enjoy zero-downtime seamless scaling, and effortless cross-region, cross-datacenter high availability with automatic failure detection & failover, in addition to the high throughput and sub-millisecond latencies of Redis.

Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster (RLEC) delivers a world-class Redis service experience to its users who could choose to run in any of four different IaaS clouds: AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer and Google Cloud. It uses a combination of RAM and Flash storage as shown in the following figure, to deliver high performance Redis at substantially reduced operational costs.


Optimizing Costs Even Further

When RLEC runs on AWS infrastructure, it can use many instances per cluster,  both for multi-tenant and single-tenant environments. Typically we choose the expensive i2.8xlarge instance type, thanks to its high aggregated IOPS provided by its 8 SSDs. To further save deployment costs for our customers, we replaced the default Linux Storage stack with Plexistor SDM, so we could really clamp down our baseline operational costs.


Our baseline cost is mainly comprised of the number of instances required times the cost per instance (e.g. 6.82 $/hour on demand). We found that Plexistor could be leveraged in two ways: to extract more performance out of the i2.8xlarge instance and reduce the number of instances required; or to help us switch from the expensive i2.8xlarge instance to the half price i2.4xlarge instance without a significant performance hit. The following figure describes the normalized operational costs under expected access patterns and including the cost for Plexistor software.

Normalized operational costs

Reduction in operational costs for both single- and multi-tenant environments


Plexistor enables Redis Labs reduce up to 43% of the operational costs of the already optimized RLEC software. Leveraging Plexistor SDM was easy — it required zero integration effort and is transparent to our customers.



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