Last Transaction Safe NoSQL

Last Transaction Safe NoSQL

posted on February 19, 2016 by Amit Golander

Two weeks ago we published a short white paper showing that you can use MongoDB for critical data as well. Even if you’re unwilling to lose a single update, or cannot afford to wait for uploading all the data back into memory after a power failure.

MongoDB when run on Plexistor SDM is both “last transaction safe” and faster than conventional solutions.

As a memory refresher, these were the main results:



Following several questions on the experimental setup and on other MongoDB access patterns, we are proud to make a longer version of the original white paper available online:     Last_Transaction_Safety_On_MongoDB_WP_Long.pdf

The conclusion is still the same… and it’s also valid for insert-intensive workloads and for those comprised of many read-modify-write access patterns. You can always achieve last transaction safety with MongoDB on SDM and without compromising on its excellent NoSQL performance.


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