HPE Persistent Memory Support

HPE Persistent Memory Support

posted on March 31, 2016 by Amit Golander


After dreaming about “The Machine” for years, HPE completed the first milestone.

Today, HPE announced that its DL360/380 servers support NVDIMM-N, or in their own words: “New HPE ProLiant Gen9 portfolio extends leadership with industry-first support for persistent memory“.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that they are the first to support PM or that they offer a complete solution (software anyone?), but HPE does deserve a round of applause for several reasons:

  • They have been one of the key contributors to the standardization of NVDIMMs in recent years
  • They have dedicated resources to validate and mature the Linux driver for persistent memory
  • They are the first lead server vendor to offer a central alternative power source, instead of requiring a super capacitor or battery per NVDIMM-N card

The latter bullet is actually the most significant. It may not win HPE the Nobel Prize for breakthrough engineering, but it will save integrators a logistic headache. Just try passing 8 cables from the DIMM slots to the front panel 2.5″ bays via the air flow plastics within a 1U server and you’ll learn to appreciate this feature as well…

Kudos to the HPE server team!

BTW – The ProLiant servers (w/ NVDIMM cards) will be ready by May. Then you’ll be able to run your existing applications on it using Plexistor SDM software.


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